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  • 150ml Badman Spritz

150ml Badman Spritz


Yes yes, listen up people! Get ready to vibe with da Bad Man Spritz, an original flavour by "Cocktail Runner" that's straight fire. We're talkin' Red label aperitif by Wray & Newphew , Prosecco, and the wicked twist of sorrel shandy pon de top makes one dope concoction.


We ain't messin' around, this bad boy comes bottled in glass, ready for you to take back to the lab. And to keep it fresh, we got a fresh sprig of thyme as the garnish, addin' a herbal touch to this mad blend.


But wait, there's more! We hooked you up with "Ghiaccia" to bring you one of their clear cuboids of ice, so your drink stays icy cool till the very last sip. And hey, we're all about the eco-vibe, so the packaging is totally plant-based, keepin' it green, you get me!


So grab your people, pop open a bottle or two of the Bad Man Spritz, and let the flavors take you to a whole new level.


It's the ultimate aperitif experience that'll make you feel like a true boss.




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