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    150 ml Ginjito


    Yes yes people! We got a remix of a classic cocktail that your gonna love! Introducing the Ginjito, a gin mojito. We start with that dry London gin, mixin' it up with fresh lime and mint, addin' a touch of "Cocktail Runner's" own simple syrup for that perfect balance. Then to top it off with some soda to give it that refreshing kick.


    But hold tight, we ain't done yet. We bottle in glass so its easy to recycle, keepin' it green and sustainable. And to add that extra freshness and style, we hook you up with a garnish of fresh lime and mint. It's all about the taste yo.


    And check this out, we ain't forgettin' about the ice. We have teamed up with "Ghiaccia" to bring you some smashed ice to give that chilled sensation you crave. And guess what? Our packaging is all plant-based, keepin' it eco-friendly while you enjoy this lit Ginjito.


    So grab a couple bottles of this Ginjito, and get ready for a refreshing taste explosion.


    This is the remix... Bow!

    • Whilst every effort is made to not cross contaminate equipment and we cannot garentee that thease products have been made in an 100% free allegern enviroment. Thank you. 

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